4 Vaping Tricks You Can Learn To Impress Your Friends

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Newbies to the vaping scene are always interested in new ways to enjoy the pastime. Many vapers have found that learning new vaping tricks greatly enhanced the already interesting pastime of vaping. In most vaping circles and enthusiast groups, tricks include the manipulation of inhaled smoke to form some sort of shape or unique object. People who are experts at vaping tricks have actually formed competitions that occur across Canada and the United States. These competitions have sparked the development of some of the more popular vaping techniques and tricks. This post will discuss the most popular vaping tricks and help you learn to achieve them.

The Ghost Inhale
The ghost inhale vaping trick is actually a trick that has its origins in traditional cigar smoking. It is incredibly difficult to perform with a cigar, however, and vaping adds a new element to the ghost inhale. To perform this trick, vapers first inhale deeply from the vaporizer. After filling the oral cavity with smoke, the vaper should be sure to be sure to maintain proper control of the smoke by pushing the smoke out of the mouth with the tongue. While pushing out the smoke, no air should be used or the vaper will lose control of the smoke and will not create the desired effect. After the smoke is pushed out of the mouth in the form of a ghost, it should be quickly inhaled again to complete the trick.

The Dragon Exhale
The dragon exhale provides a fun and cool looking way to interact with vaping. In this method, vapers begin by inhaling deeply from the vaporizer. Next, the user will make a smiling motion with the lips and blow the smoke simultaneously through both ends of the mouth and through the nostrils. When done correctly, this method should produce exhaled smoke in the form of an “X.”

The Waterfall Effect
The waterfall effect is an incredibly impressive vaping trick that is simple to master. The trick involves taking a water bottle with a very small amount of frozen water in the bottom. The vaper will then take a long draw from the vaporizer and exhale slowly into the water bottle. The combination of the gas from the vape and the frozen water will create a beautifully thick substance that can then be poured from the bottle to create a waterfall effect.

The Vapor Bubble
The vapor bubble trick is unique and involves the use of a small water bottle with the bottom cut out of it and bubbles made of soap and water. The vaper takes a long draw from the vaporizer, dips the bottom of the water bottle into the bubbles, and exhales deeply into the water bottle. The result is a creative looking ball of vapor that is trapped in the bubble!

Try any of these tricks to impress your friends with your new found vaping abilities! For more information, you may appreciate the resources available at Tools 420.

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