Spring 2014

Community provides essential support on our journey through life. When we connect with people through shared interests, values and vision we can build trusting caring relationships. We create a basket of safety in which to take risks, explore and grow.

We in the Vijnana community share a common practice, a way of moving from the inside. We value stillness and self discovery and we come to dedicate many hours to the practice itself and to self inquiry. Personal practice is such a rich and rewarding endeavor. Why then, reach out to community? When we share practice time and space together we discover a new richness in the practice and in  life. We gain new insights into yoga and new pathways to explore. When we spend time with others who have shared intentions and values, there is more clarity and ease on our path. We are inspired by what we learn from others, offer our own gifts of insight, and are grateful for both the giving and the receiving.

Reflect on the gifts that you receive from shared practice and let that inspire you to make it a priority to yourself and to your sangha. Are you ready to connect to community? In what way?  Maybe it’s time to pick up the phone practice with friends, study texts in a group, or commit to  classes or programs for a certain length of time, or join us in person or online.

We are building and supporting community by creating time and space to come together with the 2nd annual Vijnana Gathering in Vancouver, April 26 & 27. You can find more info at vijnanayogacanada.org. Like us on Facebook: Vijnana YogaCanada.